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I'm Not Just a Doctor, I'm Also a Mother

I understand that the typical rushed approach to providing health care for your child isn't ideal -- for you or for your child. I know that whether your child has an illness (or other acute health issue) or a chronic condition, you need more than a quick, often dismissive, approach. I treat you the way I would want to be treated and I provide the same level of skilled, compassionate, and thorough care I would want my own children to receive.

Taking the time you need to discuss all your options, to answer all your questions and to help you regularly monitor your child's progress is the only way to achieve better health for your child and their unique situation. Improved quality of life, through better health, is our shared goal for your child.

You have more exciting things to do than to sit in a waiting room.

I limit the number of patients in my practice to improve your child’s quality of care.

I take the time you need. I don’t double-book. Your first appointment is for one hour.

I strive to limit the people in my waiting room to one family at a time.

My Promise

My Commitment to You

I have worked as a doctor in a high-pressure environment where appointments were cut short to stay on schedule, where the appointments were double and triple booked and the waiting rooms were more like a bus station than a place of healing.

I have been on the other side, as a mom and I know how frustrating our current medical environment can be for parents.

I have friends who have had a question about one child while a second one was being seen – who were told that they would need to make a separate appointment (with the associated additional office visit fee) to answer simple questions.

I don’t subscribe to this approach to providing “care” for young patients and their parents.

I take the opposite approach in my practice. I spend the time you need. I take the time required to help you and your child with chronic, difficult-to-resolve, quality of life health issues that are often treated, but left unresolved by the traditional approach to pediatric medicine and family practice.

Acute Care

Unfortunately, most pediatricians treat acute symptoms in a rushed, double-booked office visit. These doctors are running their business with a focus on volume for financial success. I focus on your child's health, not the clock.

In the case of acute care, their approach can work. The broken arm is set and heals. The cold symptoms are treated and the sniffles end. The wound is cleaned and dressed and the stitches are removed. The situation resolves and all is well. Life returns to normal.

In acute care situations, I prefer a less rushed, more thorough approach to improve your child's care and to help you feel better, as a parent.

And, if your child has a chronic condition, you know a long wait in the waiting room followed by a rushed office visit doesn't work at all. I know that too.

Chronic Issues

Chronic symptoms impact your child for months or years on end. These conditions require more attention by your child's doctor, more time during office visits, and a physician who is willing to partner with you to resolve these health issues and restore your child’s quality of life.

I specialize in helping children with chronic issues improve their health by getting to the root cause of the issue. I do not merely treat the symptoms or mask them with medications and send you on your way.

You and your child want a solution. You deserve a pediatrician willing to devote their time and skills to help you find it.

This is why much of my practice is driven by referrals -- both by other physicians and by the parents of my patients.

What Parents Say...

  • We appreciate you. You are always compassionate, thoughtful and thorough.
  • Thank you for really listening and explaining my daughter's diagnosis and our treatment options. Now we understand what to expect and what we need to do next.
  • It worked! My toddler is sleeping in his own bed... finally!
  • My kids just LOVE you!
  • Your advice on how to get my baby to sleep without holding him saved my sanity!
  • You are the only doctor who actually listened, no one else believed my daughter had a condition. Now she's getting what she needs.
  • It's just easier talking to you. You are a mom, you know? You have already been here, done this.
  • My son won't see anyone else.


I specialize in pediatric medicine from prenatal visits and well-baby care to school physicals and well and sick child care.

Healthcare is personal. You want the best fit for your family and so do I. You need to know a doctor's philosophy, availability, and what you can expect -- as well as any extra services offered. Let's talk.

Prenatal Visits

You should meet your child's pediatrician before your baby does. Your baby's doctor should be a choice not a default.

I invite you to come in, sit down and talk about the approach you want for your baby's care. I can offer suggestions, give you tips and answer any questions you may have. You are going to have enough challenges soon. Let me help make your transition easier.

Special Areas of Care


Being able to focus is central to learning, to getting along with others, and to future success. ADD and ADHD are quality-of-life issues, not just medical concerns.

GI Issues

Chronic abdominal pain, gas, constipation and gastrointestinal issues can prevent your child or teen from enjoying a normal childhood. It can result in self-imposed social isolation, adding emotional pain to the physical pain they endure.

Pediatric Dermatology

Dermatological issues are more than "skin deep" for young people. Children and teens experience more negative impact on their self-image and confidence, brought on by skin issues, than their adult counterparts.

Infant Feeding Challenges

Few things can make a parent feel more hopeless and helpless than an infant who doesn't eat as expected. Getting help with early feeding issues will protect your baby's health and your peace of mind.

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